CapitalBio Respiratory Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit
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The kit employs isothermal amplification technology and reacts at a constant temperature (41°C ) based on the synergistic effect of reverse transcription and transcriptase, using specific fluorescent probes for real-time fluorescence detection. The amplified positive samples will create an S-shaped amplification curve similar to real-time fluorescence PCR, which will complete the amplification and detection of the target genes in one step. With the method of microfluidic technology, a high throughput parallel detection of multiple target genes can be carried out simultaneously. 

Detection Index

Key Features

● Quick Detection: Only 1.5 hours for entire process.

● High Sensitivity: Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): 15 copies/reaction.

                              Other Indexes: 25 copies/reaction.

● High Accuracy: Proprietary microfluidic chip technology, with quality controls on chip and anti-pollution technology.

● Simple & Efficient: Easy operation of nucleic acid extraction, automatic interpretation of subsequent sample reactions and testing results by the software.

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